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Friday, July 18, 2008

How to Load a Tape Gun

Our tape gun product code 866000001 is one of our best sellers. It is easy to use and at a great price, you cant go wrong. Confused on how to load your tape? Then just follow our step by step instructions on this short informative video and you will be packaging up your boxes in no time.

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How to Load a Tape Gun - (Low Noise)

Are you finding it difficult to load your tape dispenser? Its easy when you know how, just watch our short fun demonstration to see how its done. In this video we are using our product code PD726 which is to be used in conjunction with a Low Noise Packaging Tape such as our product code L75. When using a normal tape and tape gun, you can find it becomes quite noisy but with the use of the two formerly quoted codes you can pack your boxes much more quietly.

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